Segari, Indonesia’s grocery social commerce startup, secures $16m in Series A

Launched in 2020, Segari focuses on providing fresh farm produce to consumers.


Indonesian grocery social commerce startup Segari announced that it has raised $16 million in its Series A funding round, led by Go-Ventures.

Susquehnna International Group (SIG) and a cohort of strategic ecosystem leaders, including Alfamart, Gunung Sewu Group, and Intrinity Capital, also participated in the funding round.

Launched in 2020, Segari focuses on providing fresh farm produce to consumers. In less than 12 months of operation, the company has grown its users, orders and revenues more than 20 times.

Segari streamlines the country’s complex agricultural supply chain through sophisticated operations in addition to empowering local community leaders to provide grocery services to their social networks.

Customers place orders via Segari’s website or mobile app, and deliveries will be made
within 15 hours from farm to table. A full range of groceries are available across Fruit,
Vegetables, Meat, and Staples categories.

The startup sources the vast majority of its fresh produce directly from farmers in Java and Sumatra, ensuring high quality, fresh produce, while supporting local farming communities.

Through its decentralised warehouses and strong community leader network that has deep relationships in the community, Segari has faster delivery times, better quality produce, and lower costs that are ultimately passed on to customers.

Segari will be using this latest round of funding to strengthen its supply chain, ensuring
produce moves from farmers to consumers more efficiently. In order to do so, Segari
plans to expand its team, hiring aggressively in areas such as operations, supply chain,
technology and marketing.

“The agriculture supply chain is one of the most complex problems in Indonesia, with
multiple layers between farmers and consumers. We feel we can make a huge impact –
enabling consumers to quickly receive better quality and lower cost groceries, while
simultaneously helping farmers to receive fair prices for their produce. Fortunately, our
users feel the same way. With this latest injection of funding, we aim to continue our
strong growth and make real impact for consumers and farmers,” said Yosua Setiawan,
CEO Segari.