SynPhNe Secures $5m in Series A Funding to Expand Neuro-Rehabilitation Services

SynPhNe, a Singapore-based medtech startup specializing in neurology-related disorders, has announced a successful Series A funding round, raising $5 million to further its mission in revolutionizing rehabilitation for stroke and other neurological conditions.

Event Horizon Technologies, aligned with the Nadathur Group, the family office of Infosys co-founder Nadathur Raghavan, played a significant role as a key investor in this pivotal funding round.

The injection of fresh capital is earmarked for the expansion of SynPhNe’s innovative rehabilitation services, particularly targeting the US market.

Founded in 2013, the Singapore-based company has made significant strides with its wearable technology, designed to simultaneously train the brain and muscles.

Utilizing a unique approach that captures real-time synchronized EEG and EMG signals during various tasks, SynPhNe creates a self-correcting learning loop.

This innovative method allows individuals to administer physical, occupational, and neurotherapy protocols at home, following initial guidance from a therapist.

SynPhNe’s technology has proven beneficial for individuals facing physical disabilities due to neurological pathologies such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and cerebral palsy.

It has also aided those with learning disorders, ageing challenges including memory and functional decline, as well as chronic stress and pain. Available in two platforms, the SynPhNe Xpert caters to franchisees, hospitals, and clinics, while the SynPhNe eNabl is designed for home users.

The company has already made its mark globally, establishing training centers in Singapore and Mumbai, forging institutional partnerships with renowned hospitals and private medical/physiotherapy centers, and initiating pilot projects with patients and institutions in the US.

With this new round of funding, SynPhNe is poised to further its impact, offering a new lease on life for those affected by neurological disorders through its cutting-edge technology.

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